Completion by Design

Redesign the student entry process from inquiry, through admission, through testing, through advising and registration and to ensure accurate placement and registration in the appropriate courses to set the student up for successful completion and transition. The redesign includes: advisor assignment by student's program of major; new technology tools to support intrusive advising, early alert and academic planning; student orientation process to support the redesigned entry process; processes to ensure students meet course pre-requisites for their registered courses for the next term after final grading at the end of each term.
Progress on yearly goals and outcomes related to intervention:

  • AY 2012-2013- Research and testing of the Datatel processes for removing mismatches has been completed and issues identified.
  • AY 2012-2013- The Records and Registration Office, in conjunction with IT support, conducted prerequisite cleanup on courses for the Summer and Fall registration period.
  • AY 2012-2013- Initial study completed on student success data for late registrants to inform potential future process and/or policy changes.  The Core Team determined that Late Start registration policies will not change at this time.

Progress updates on objectives and strategies:

  • AY 2012-2013- Developed an online Pre-Advisement survey for students to take before placement testing.  The student's survey results, along with placement test scores or exemptions, are used by the assigned advisor to prepare the student's class schedule.
  • AY 2012-2013- Changing the advisor assignment process to make assignment by program of study, rather than alphabet.  In addition, new students will receive their advisor assignment at the point of admission, rather than during the second or third week of their first semester.
  • AY 2012-2013- Additional components of the redesign will be piloted in 2013-14, as we implement new technology tools to support intrusive advising, early alert and academic planning.
  • AY 2012-2013- Piloting group orientation and registration sessions with groups of high school students.
  • AY 2012-2013- Designing the pilot around first-time, full-time students who are directly entering into college from high school.  Plan to pilot the orientation and registration sessions and the intrusive follow-up advising session during their first semester in Fall 2013.
  • AY 2013-2014- Processes are put in place to flag exceptions ensuring the automated process does not inadvertently remove students from courses which they have been approved to enroll. 
  • AY 2013-2014 - System prerequisites have been cleaned, vetted and necessary adjustments have been made (approx. 900 courses).  Identified solution for awarding all levels of developmental achievement on student's academic record.  Implementation pending; recommendations have been sent to IT for approval to determine impact on reports. 
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