Gateway Academy

The Gateway Academy has been founded to create a learning community for the gateway course faculty. This group will work collaboratively with each other, with their course faculty, with cross-discipline faculty to accomplish course assessments, possible course redesigns, initiative development and implementation. The group will incorporate internal and external expertise when needed.

Progress on yearly goals and outcomes related to intervention:

  • Each gateway course will have a minimum of one strategy for student improvement implemented and assessed each semester.
  • AY 2010-2011- Additional gateway courses were identified in 2010, which made a total of 9 out of 14 courses.
  • AY 2011-2012- Faculty in 2011-12 Gateway Academy completed a research project specific to their gateway course and reported on first phase of course changes and/or redesign by May 2012.
  • AY 2012-2013- Gateway Academy for West Campus was identified, faculty were selected and West Campus provided an orientation, and four academies were identified for Central campus.  Established a Gateway to College program through the Gateway to College partnership and the program will begin Fall 2013 at Central and West Campuses.   
  • AY 2013-2014 – Six separate discipline specific learning communities are underway: Math 100, Math 106, English 101, History 101, Hisory 102, English 102, Computer and Informational Systems 110.
  • AY 2014-2015 – November 2014:Gateway Academy Poster Session, together with a lunch meeting on assessment.CIS 110 and MAT 106 have work in progress.Faculty in Math and English were invited to give an interview for "The Source on Community College Issues" in spring 2015 regarding the "Concept of Numbers" MAT 010 initiative, and modifications to the developmental English courses and placement practices. There are 6 projects underway within the disciplines of History, Computer Science, English, and Math.

  • AY 2016-2017 - interdisciplinary Gateway Academy aimed at adopting open educational content

Progress updates on objectives and strategies:

  • Evaluation of prerequisites of Gateway Academy courses are underway by IR
  • Gateway Academy and its link to Student Success will be included in 13-14 SSI Research Agenda. 
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