Intentional, appreciative advising and Faculty Advising/Mentoring


As part of the advising case-management program, TCCD designed a graduation outreach program.  The program was designed to identify students who have earned, or are close to earning, a college credential (certificate or degree) and then automatically to award earned credentials without requiring students to “apply for graduation.“ As a result, credential attainment for all student populations increased significantly.



Appreciative and Intentional Advising/Faculty Advising is an Achieving the Dream intervention designed to train faculty and Academic Advisors in the area of intrusive advising.  In fall 2012 the training was introduced and well received.  Out of this training, the decision to create a two-tier option was introduced.  Faculty supported the addition of a mentoring component to the Faculty Advising intervention.   Academic Advisors would continue integrating the information to further develop a comprehensive Case Management model.  Currently, All FTIC students are required to meet with their assigned advisor each semester until they have completed developmental education and/or set of prescribed learning outcomes.

In Fall 2012, faculty were provided the ability to repurpose their faculty hours and join the Faculty Advising/Mentoring program.  Trained Faculty Advisors would be able to provide students registration assistance during high volume/peak registration times.  Those wishing advanced training in advising could become Super Advisors.  This highly trained Faculty Advisor works with students on educational plans and partner with the Office of Advising.

Faculty Mentoring would encompass a more in-depth student relationship building experience.  Beginning in Fall 2014 faculty will be matched with students who have completed 30+ college credits in similar academic disciplines and/or majors. The student cohort 2013FL is the first group to begin in the program.  Faculty and students will work in areas such as academic plan completion, career exploration and transitioning to successful graduation.

Update:  This intervention is ongoing.  The faculty mentoring piece of our Case-management model has not been implemented and we will continue to exam a process to make this happen. 




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