Mustang Way

MustangWay combines the current Math 106 with an additional one credit hour course, an approach similar to Math100B for non-STEM and non-Business majors.  This intervention saves students time and money as their math coursework is condensed into fewer credits, and students are accelerated into college level course work.  MustangWay began in Spring 2014 to pilot a new pathway for students.
Progress updates on objectives and strategies:
• AY 2012-2013- MAT 106 is now a prerequisite for MAT 131.
• AY 2012-2013- MAT 106 011 AC, a four hour MAT 106 course, will be offered Spring 2014.
• AY 2013-2014 – the class was piloted and is currently being assessed.

  • AY2014-2015 – Faculty involved in 106/011 are currently assessing 2014 fall data and its impact on scalability for fall 2015. Preliminary data suggests no negative impact on student withdraw rates by the additional hour of class, and that student success rates were higher in these sections than non-011 versions.Expansion of the pilot includes additional sections for spring 2015.
  • AY 2015-2016 - Success rates for Fall15 indicate that the MustangWay students out performed the traditional MAT106 students by 14% with a success rate of 74%.


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