Developing Mathematical Thinking

The standard sequence of developmental mathematics courses is all algebra, intended for students who are required to take College Algebra (MATH 1314) or Math for Bus & Economics (MATH 1324), which rely heavily on algebraic skills. But not all the credit mathematics courses that students take are algebra-based. The standard algebra sequence of developmental mathematics courses was holding back non-STEM students in moving from developmental into credit courses.

Developing Mathematical Thinking is designed to focus on the critical thinking and mathematical skills that are needed for success in College Mathematics (MATH 1332) or Elementary Statistics (MATH 1342). Generally, students in those MATH courses do not use the algebraic skills taught in Intermediate Algebra. The students who take Col Math, or Elem Stat often struggle with algebra, but are capable of doing sophisticated mathematics. Developing Mathematical Thinking includes four units of study: Problem Solving and Logic, Linear Behavior, Exponential Growth and Decay, and Data and Graphs. Most importantly, the methodology for the course relies heavily on the use of collaborative learning techniques, involving and engaging the students.

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