Mandatory Orientation - Required Online Orientation for all First-Time-at-ACC students

 All First-Time-at-ACC (FTACC) students are required to complete online orientation prior to registration; thereby offering consistent messaging, resources and more equitable and timely access.  Online orientation is assessable to students 24 hours a day. The orientation covers essential information about ACC academic resources and support services. The online module can be accessed at any time and takes about 30 minutes to complete. Students must have an ACCeID to log in to the module.

We have modified this intervention as of Summer 2016.  The online orientation is now termed "First Step" and consists of general information for FTIC at ACC with less than 12 SCH of college level work.  The First Step does not require an ACCeID - and may be accessed by all prospective students. The video has several purposes, including to provide students with information about

  1. The College and its programs and services.  ACC recently placed on programs into one of ten Areas of Study.  Students are informed that they must select an Area of Study in the online Application and attend an in-person Area of Study Information Session prior to registration.  The Area of Study information session provides students with information on related jobs/careers for which the programs prepare them, transfer information, study tips, etc.
  2. The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) test and how they may prepare for it.
  3. Financial aid and how to pay for college.
  4. Student rights and responsibilities.
  5. How to take the next steps to register for classes. 



ID 15839

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