Required Matriculation

Intervention #1

Currently, matriculation services are made available to all students, but are not required.  Matriculation components, or now Core Services in California, include the completion of an orientation, assessment, counseling/advising and the development of a student educational plan.  The college’s cohort data across most measures indicates that students who have completed the matriculation components are significantly more successful than those students who have not.  Based on this data, the college decided to require students to participate in these activities that have been shown to make a difference to student achievement.  The components that are required are orientation, assessment, counseling and an initial student education plan.  In California, it has not possible to block registration until students have completed these activities, so the completion of the matriculation components has been proactively encouraged through a variety of measures.  Ultimately, through policy changes, students who have not matriculated will end up with limited or no access to courses through this reduced window.  Activities to date, to encourage proactive completion include:

-Data associated with number of matriculation components completed was made available to frontline student services staff through the colleges existing appointment systems- SARS.  Frontline staff members are able to see at a glance which components a student has or has not completed when making the student an appointment or providing a service in any student services office.  Staff members have been trained to check for matriculation status and provide students immediate information on any missing components.
-Data reports are provided to all sites each semester by student and matriculation components completed.  This allows for proactive follow up with students to reach out and encourage students to complete missing components.
-Counseling developed an education planning workshop to allow for the initiation of the student education plan in groups to increase access to students. 
-The college purchased a communication tool, Grad Guru, to allow for proactive communication to students to prompt students about dates and deadlines, meeting with a counselor, registration, completion of orientation, etc.  This app allows for just in time push notifications to students.
-A student experience survey was developed and sent out to all students to gather qualitative input from students about intake processes and services.  This information is being used to revise processes and improve services.
-The college has invested in an intake platform, Education Advisory Board’s Navigate, to reduce confusion and barriers for students in the intake and education planning processes.  This is being developed and will be implemented fall 2015.

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