Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction is a nationally recognized academic support service where peer-led study groups are held outside of class. Study sessions are course-specific and instructor-specific. SI supports specific Gateway and STEM courses. Courses supported in the five-year scale-up plan include six Gateway courses: MATH 0370, MATD 0390, MATH 1314, ENGL 1301, HIST 1301, and GOVT 2305. Various other Gateway and STEM courses have limited support with SI. Students voluntarily attend study sessions outside of class. The students who attend SI sessions tend to earn grades up to a letter grade higher than they would have if they did not attend the study sessions. Additionally, students who attend the student sessions, succeed (A, B, or C) at higher rates than students who do not attend. SI works for all races and ethnicities. Currently, about 35% of the students in SI-supported classes attend SI sessions. 

As of Summer 2016, we will be looking at revising/expanding Supplemental Instruction to include additional courses as well as to experiment with "required" attendance as prescribed by instructors.  Once these plans are finalized, this intervention will be updated.

ID 15843

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