Acceleration through the remedial Math sequence (Math 129A & B)

Students who place in Math 112 (Pre-Algebra) at LA Mission College have the option of accelerating to College level Math in 1 year by taking Math 129A and Math 129B. Math faculty developed these pre-College level Math courses which are equivalent to Math 112, Math 115 (Elementary Algebra) & Math 125 (Intermediate Algebra) to help students complete their remedial math courses in a shorter time period.  The courses are setup with a lab component to help students with their Math study skills. The daily interactions between instructor and students enrich the learning experience with high academic expectation and standards.

The success rate for Math 129A and 129B was above 50% with a reasonably good progression rate. Due to the number of hours per semester and the only once per year course offering, recruiting students to take the sequence was a challenge. Math 129AB sequence has been discontinued due to low enrollment. The math department has developed a Math 110 which is a combination of Math 105 (Arithmetic) and Math 112 (Pre-Algebra) and will develop a Math ### which is a combination of Math 115 (Elementary) and Math 125 (Intermediate). Both courses will hava a lab component.

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