Non-Stem Pathway Acceleration (Math 137)

The traditional pathway to transfer level mathematics requires all students to take intermediate algebra regardless of their major or field of interest. The new pathway is designed to better prepare the students in non-stem majors for the transfer level Statistics course while accelerating their progress towards that course.

In the traditional pathway students that are placed in elementary algebra need two semesters of mathematics before enrolling in Statistics. In the new pathway students can instead take Math 137 and upon successful completion enroll in a Statistics course the following semester, thus eliminating an exit point and an obstacle from the pathway. In addition to shortening the pathway the course content for Math 137 is designed to emphasize critical reasoning and practical applications of mathematics. Students in the course have to write papers, collect and analyze data, and do presentations.

The math department believes that this combination of contextualizing the content while accelerating the pathway will result in higher transfer rates among non-stem students.

The math department increased from 1 section of Math 137 (Fall 2013) to 3 sections (Spring 2016). From Fall 2013 to Fall 2015, the average passing rate for Math 137 was approximately 50% . The average progression rate of Math 137 students who passed Math 227 (Statistics) within a year was above 80%. 

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