Fall Kickoff

In an effort to incorporate the PR Group’s budding research on student success and the defined “six success factors," that have shown to help students complete an Associates Degree and/or transfer to a four year university, LAMC in collaboration with the Student Services and Academic Affairs, hosted its first annual Fall Kickoff on Wednesday, August 21, 2013.  All registered students, new and returning, were invited to attend the event which ran from 9:00am-1:30pm on the main campus. More than 350 students participated along with over 50 faculty, staff and student volunteers, representatives from campus programs, clubs, facilities and 4-year universities. In addition to taking tours, attending orientations, student success workshops and presentations, students also had the opportunity to buy their books and parking passes, get their student IDs and pay fees before the semester began so they would be ready for classes the next week. Free lunch and raffle prizes maximized student engagement. Students arrived at 9:00 and were welcomed by the College President and VPs, then, they were escorted on a tour of the campus. Students had the opportunity to attend an orientation for either new students, continuing students, or ESL students. Attending an orientation is one of the three new state requirements for SB1456 which also includes assessment and Student Educational Planning.

Students who complete an orientation, assessment and Student Ed Plan will be eligible to have an earlier registration date beginning in Fall 2014, so the attendees of the Kickoff got to complete one of these necessary steps before school began. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness has reported some exciting success and persistence data from our first annual Fall Kickoff in 2013. Students who participated in the Fall 2013 Kickoff were more likely to successfully complete their courses that term (73% received passing grades, compared to 63% in the comparison group using a closest matched sample);  less likely to withdraw from classes after the drop deadline (8% compared to 15% in the comparison group);  and more likely to re-enroll in Spring 2014 (80% compared to 70% in the comparison group).

The Fall Kickoff has been offered every Fall since 2013 on the Tuesday before classes begin.  In 2015, we changed the invitations to only new students (12 or less units) and focused on what new students need to know the first week of college.  The ASO is now very active in the planning and implementation of the day.


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