Face to Face Orientation

Beginning July 10, 2012, General Counseling initiated face to face orientations for new students.  In-person orientations in which the matriculation process is explained are held weekly.  Exposure to college life is provided, on campus resources are reviewed, and college success strategies are discussed. During the live orientation sessions, a one semester educational plan is developed, and students are encouraged to follow up with a counselor to continue to plan the rest of their academic experience at Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC).

LAMC offers an orientation to all students who take a placement test at the Assessment Center, to include, new students, re-entry students (returning after 2 or more years) and, transfer students. Students can call or come in person to sign up or an orientation. LAMC offers a variety of face to face orientation activities. These include, High School Orientations that take place at the high school during outreach activities in the spring prior to their fall enrollment. The college has a strong partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), as well as several other charter schools, in the north- east San Fernando Valley.  Other pathways towards orientation include:       

Senior Day:   This activity occurs in the spring prior to fall enrollment, in which the 6 of the North-

East San Fernando Valley high schools visit the campus and students participate in the College Experience Workshop, attend an orientation, develop an abbreviated Student Education Plan (SEP) and register for classes.


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