Summer Bridge into First Year Experience (METAS)

Summer Bridge (SB) into First Year Experience (FYE) (METAS)

This high impact practice is designed to help first generation students transition into college and support their progress into college level courses.  The first cohort began in Summer 2015. This program has now evolved into the Mission’s Excellence Towards Advancement of Students (METAS) which is funded by a Title V grant and is an eight-week Summer Bridge that leads into a specialized FYE program. METAS is scaling up what was previously started. The program is now serving 80 students and target numbers are expected to double each year.

First time students can apply for the program.  They must have taken the assessments and placed into English 21 or 28, and Math 115, 123 or 125.  In the summer bridge, they take a 5-week English class and Counseling 17 class, followed by a 3-week math bootcamp to prepare them for their fall math class.  They are provided lunch for the first 5 weeks when they are taking two classes, and textbooks are provided on loan.  They are guaranteed enrollment in their English class for the fall.  Additional support services are provided.

ID 15862

To contact this college about this intervention, take note of the ID above, ID #15862, and then fill out the intervention contact request form

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