Supplemental Instruction

Mandatory supplemental instruction labs have been implemented as co-requisites for developmental reading, writing, and math courses. The labs use a uniform curriculum for each of two levels of reading which are DS 103-Introduction to College Reading Strategies, DS 123-College Reading Strategies, and both meet two hours per week. The English labs focus on developing writing skills for Basic Writing I, EH 1013 and Basic Writing II, EH-1023. The math supplemental labs provide increased lab access to students to use the I Can Learn labs allowing students more time to finish the MS 1013-Basic Math; MS 1023, Beginning Algebra; and MS 1123, Intermediate Algebra. The use of co-requisite labs provides more time on task for students who often are unable to do homework because of family and/or job obligations. The labs offer consistent support for instruction and provide students with more directed practice in reading, English, and math. A student enrolled in supplemental learning labs (courses) are more likely to succeed and stay enrolled in that developmental course. Student enrolled in a developmental course which is linked to a supplemental learning lab is more likely to complete the course with a “C" grade or better. A student enrolled in a developmental course which is linked to a supplemental lab is more likely to complete that course and enroll in the next course in the sequence. The Supplemental Learning (Instruction) intervention helps improve the learning of students in all developmental education courses and helps address the performance gaps seen when examining gender and ethnicity cohorts.

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