Cradle to Career Network

2016 The Cradle to Career Network has segmented and launched into several community wide initiatives. The first of these is focused on Educations named Academic Beginnings for Children (ABC) with primary targets of improving kindergarten readiness and 3rd grade reading proficiency. A second action network is focused on financial stability of the community and is convening in May of 2016. In the near future, a third action network is planned with a focus on mental health.

Baseline data for ABC was established in 2015-2016 and strategies narrowed. Implementation will begin in 2016-2017.

Cradle to Career Partnership with Barrett Station Civic Committee continues to develop with a 2016-2017 focus on a new elementary set to open in the fall of 2016. Lee College plans to adopt the elementary and designate it and its students as "College Bound"! In addition, Lee College plans to engage college students in the mentoring of elementary children, provide literary learning experiences through the electronic books provided on the Mobile Go Center and engaging elementary students with the help of a college science faculty member in a common read based on STEM titles.  Barrett Station is a predominantly African American, low income with a long heritage. The community leaders are committed to connecting students to quality education, engaging parents and creating a college-going expectation.   


Lee College's P-16 Council is formally transforming into a Cradle to Career Network using the Strive Framework for greater collective impact. Consisting of an Executive Leadership Council and Collaborative Action Networks, Lee College will anchor this network aimed at improving the community's education, health and economic stability. The Executive Leadership Council includes CEO level members from the education sector, business and industry, non-profits, health and human services, local government and the community at-large.    

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