Structured Pathways Initiative

Structured Pathways rests on the principle that less is more when it comes to options for students. The goal is to define clear, efficient routes to graduation for students at every stage. This is a systemic, multi-stage initiative. DCCC is currectly implementing the first phase.

Phase 1 components:

The admissions, assessment, and advising staff collect and utilize an expanding array of inputs to place students on the pathway that will give them the best opportunity to succeed;

  • Academic divisions offer specific pathways for students with a need for developmental education in math, reading, and/or English, and define the assessment profile appropriate for each pathway. The available developmental pathways include accelerated non-credit instruction and full-semester credit experiences. 
  • Students who have not yet completed developmental requirements in English or reading are barred from registering online and must see their advisor in order to register for the next session. This ensures that those students receive individual guidance in the choice of appropriate courses, based on their current performance and needs.
  • Continuing students now have the advantage of a one-week priority registration period to maximize their chances of getting into the courses they need for the following term.
  • Faculty advisors now keep track of their advising activities using scheduling software that is shared with division administrative staff. This allows students to schedule directly with faculty or through staff; if their particular advisor's schedule does not fit their own, they can schedule with an available faculty member in the same department.

Phase 2 priorities:

  • Create mechanisms that will ensure that all students complete math requirements in as timely a way as possible.
  • Leverage the revised program review process to enable every academic and career program to define and publish a clear sequence of courses that will satisfy both the new General Education and existing program requirements.
  • Integrate a student's program sequence with their individual degree path document. This will enable the student to register by clicking on the next course in the sequence to access the available sections of that course. 
  • Greater systematization of the assessment and placement process and refinement of the use of noncognitive assessment.
  • Intergration of the Starfish Early Alert system into the process.
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