Gulf Coast Partners Achieving Student Success - College Transition Team

In lieu of monthly large meetings, in 2015-2016, with the help of Lee College's new College Transition Specialists hired to assist with college enrollment steps on the high school campus, meetings are held monthly on each campus with campus level personnel. In addition, an annual summer workshop is planned with multiple levels of leadership from both the school districts and college to discuss what worked well, what did not and what shared goals we will work toward in the coming year. The next workshop is planned for June 2016.


The College Transition Team is a inter-institutional team of high school counselors and college student affairs representatives including counseling, financial aid, recruiting and admissions. They meet regularly to ensure all seniors complete the compulsory enrollment steps for college including:

  • college applications
  • vaccinations
  • testing
  • individual advising
  • financial aid and scholarship application assistance
  • campus tours
  • career exploration
  • new student orientation

The entire year of enrollment steps and activities are planned with the individual high school campuses prior to the beginning of the academic year.

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