Professional Development – Center for Teaching Excellence

2015-2016 Update

The Center for Teaching Excellence and its coordinator continued to play a pivotal this year in the development of the QEP and its accompanying career exploration package Campus2Careers. In addition to developing and implementing Blackboard tutorials and mandatory online training course for faculty, the center also supported the development of Weekend College Coursework constrained to hybrid Friday evening and Saturday classes.  



The Center for Teaching Excellence figured prominently into 2015 professional development providing instruction in preparation of full scale 2015-2016 implementation of Blackboard Integration for all courses. The center supported by the Lee College Instructional Designer, provided Blackboard training in course development and management for faculty individually and in group sessions throughout the academic year. Mandatory migration to Blackboard will further engage the center in 2015-2016.


2014 Update

Campus wide participation in Professional Development was a theme for 2013-2014. Faculty and staff participated in Blackboard training, Communications Training, Campus Safety and Security, Faculty Sharing Student Success Practices, Student Success Data - CCSSE & SENSE.

An Adjunct Faculty Committee formed in 2012-2013, continued to meet as a group this past year. In 2013-14, adjunct were included in professional development opportunities and events generally held for full time faculty. In addition, the committee organized: adjunct appreciation night, new adjunct orientation, and Bb training night.  An adjunct portal page is currently under construction on the college website and a new tiered adjunct salary structure with professional development and college-wide engagement requirements has been proposed.



Professional Development on student success strategies and pedagogy for targeted student groups has been an ATD intervention from the initial implementation of the ATD grant. This past year alone, 417 faculty members attended 16 institutionally funded sessions sponsored by the Lee College Center for Teaching Excellence.

2013: An Adjunct Professional Development Committee and Full-time Professional Development Committee were formed co-chaired by the Dean of Academic Studies and Dean of Applied Sciences. A Standing Committee was proposed to create and implement a longterm plan for faculty professional development.

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