Success Course / Intrusive Advising

LSC designed a first year experience to increase persistence.  Significant resources were required in order to achieve scale, so an implementation plan and business process were developed.    The key element of the FYE is a mandatory student success course (SSC).  The SSC includes a system-wide curriculum coupled with each student being assigned an advisor. In 2012, the SSC was required for students who placed into two or more developmental education classes. In 2013, the requirement was scaled to students placing into one or more DE classes and in the fall of 2014, the class became mandatory for the entire FTIC cohort. The FTIC cohort for Fall 2015 made up 13.2% of the total LSC credit student population but served almost 10,000 students (9,826). Of the students who enrolled in the SSC, 96.1% completed the course and LSC observed a 88% compliance rate for students taking the mandatory course.




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