Course Redesign of MATH 310/315 into MATH 310 Pre-Algebra

2016 Update

Math 310, the lowest level D.E. math is only offered in a 3week bridge course that leads directly into Math 320 in a 13week format. Only a few students require the lowest level bridge.

2015 Update
No Change

2014 Update:
Math 315 was completely eliminated. Math 310, (the combined 310/315 noted previously) offered primarily in fast track format with limited 16 week courses. Considerably higher success rates seen in the 8 week fast track led to this decision.


MATH 310 Pre-Algebra was developed following a study conducted and an examination of pre and post testing performed by developmental education faculty. The learning outcomes for MATH 310 Basic Mathematics and MATH 315 Pre-Algebra were combined into a single course and renamed MATH 310 Pre-Algebra reducing the number of developmental math courses in the path to credit level math from 4 courses to 3. This course is scheduled for Fall of 2012.

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