ENGL 1301 Course Redesign

2016 Update

Critical for the continued progress of this initiative has been the appointment of a Composition Coordinator to work with dual credit and adjunct faculty as well as full time faculty to align curriculum and norm student classroom learning. Peer observation, professional development and compensated adjunct participation has made the difference in the success of this strategy. 


The 2015
Perhaps the most striking advancements of the ATD student success agenda is the English Language Arts system at Lee College where English 1301 Redesign has been integrated with previous Developmental Education centralization and reconstruction.

White students show a significant leap to its highest success rate in credit English ever of 42.9%, representing a nearly 20% increase. African American students demonstrated a similar increase to 37.5% successful in 2015 up from 25.5% in 2014. Hispanic student success rates remained flat at a relatively high rate of 41.2% in line with the white students.The gains in both Developmental English and credit English can be attributed to:

  • Curriculum alignment work and shared curriculum between high school and college collaborative teams for developing the English College Success Course mandated by Texas House Bill 5 to increase college-readiness among high school graduates
  • Mandatory Student Success Course – Strategies and Study Skills (LSSS 300 / EDUC 1200)
  • English Bridge Courses offered for near-college level students
  • Holistic advising
  • Semi-Annual English Colloquia/Shared Professional Development: high school, full-time and adjunct college faculty and university faculty
  • Monday Morning and Peer Thursday sharing sessions – monthly to engage English adjunct and fulltime faculty
  • Peer Teaching Observations, Grading Norming sessions, co-developed assignments
  • Designated Developmental Education Writing Lead Instructors within the Dev Ed Instructional Division
  • Development of Integrated Reading and Writing
  • Development of English for Technical Careers



Through intense professional development opportunities, the English department has continued its transformation of the writing program.  Teaching cohort groups were designed to improve teaching through a sharing of best practices, peer teaching observation, feedback, and a wrap-up session. This, along with updating the common syllabus developed in 2012, monthly "Third Thursday" peer sharing sessions, and "First Monday" discussion groups (all comprised of full- and part-time instructors) continued to standardize and improve the student learning experience in English Composition.

Full- and part-time English faculty also engaged in composition workshops with Lee College service area high school English teachers.  These writing colloquia were designed to strengthen instructors' knowledge of pedagogical theory and to share best teaching practices.  The primary focus for 2013-2014 was assignment design and responding to student writing--practices needed to enhance a "seamless" transition as students progress through the various levels of English Composition.


English faculty contracted with a consultant to perform a review of the writing curriculum and make recommendations for reform with the ultimate goal of greater student success and higher learning outcomes. This intervention was discussed in the previous report with an estimated start date of Fall 2011, however, the review and collaborative work required more time than expected. The resulting umbrella syllabus and resulting curriculum will be implemented in the fall of 2012.

2013: On-going with textbook adoptions, Teaching Cohorts, "First Monday" meetings, shared book read and discussions, peer evaluation of teaching, writing coloquiums, all of which include full-time, adjunct, dual credit and often high school teachers.

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