Bridge Courses


Bridge courses have expanded to include Developmental Education Courses leading to College English, Reading, Math and TechMATH.

Bridge Courses continue to show promise in successful non-course based options (NCBO) for remediation. Identifying students, communicating the benefits and convincing students to enroll in the bridge courses remains a struggle. This is not likely to expand a great deal as the shortened options benefit the students who are on the "bubble" or near college-level. 

Bridge Courses are short, review classes taken just prior to the credit course for students who score close to passing on their TSI Assessment. This is an option for students who want to move more quickly into their credit math or English courses.

Facts About the Bridge Classes:
3 week courses offered prior to the fall and spring semesters
Students required to take the credit course immediately after the bridge class
Each provides an accelerated and focused learning opportunity

Aimed at providing an alternative to traditional developmental education
Students will become familiar with a college environment and facilities
Low or no cost to the student with tuition and book scholarships available
Students have access to tutoring and mentoring

Admission Requirements: Required TSI Assessment score that places the students right below the credit courses noted below

The following Bridge courses are available 2013-2014:

Bridge Course Replaces Course For placement into
MABR 310 MATH 310 TECM 1342 (Technical Algebra)
MABR 342 MATH 342 MATH1342 (Elementary Statistics)
MABR 330 MATH 330 MATH1314 (College Algebra)
ENBR 402 ENRD 402 ENGL 1301 (English Composition)

ID 15917

To contact this college about this intervention, take note of the ID above, ID #15917, and then fill out the intervention contact request form

Please note that for security purposes, contact information can only be provided to known contacts at active Achieving the Dream institutions.

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