English curriculum revisions

The English Department piloted a web-enhanced version of a developmental course, with the goal of allowing some students to skip a courses based on a department-wide challenge test administered at the end of the semester. The purpose of this process was to not only show that a web-enhanced version of English could assist students, but also to demonstrate that students had the skills to progress through the English requirements. The results demonstrated that about one-third of FIWI students were able to pass the challenge exam, more than standard comparison groups in the same level of English and one level higher.

Paired with data on student progression through the sequence and student focus groups, the Department made the bold decision to redevelop its entire developmental sequence, eliminating one class and revisioning the entry-level course. Faculty members closely reviewed the entry and exit skills of all composition courses in the areas of grammar/mechanics, reading, and writing, to ensure that these all would be addressed adequately with three courses rather than four.  The redesigned pathway was piloted in Spring 2015.  

In 2015-2016, the lowest-level course was redesigned to ensure it comprehensively meets the needs of the students at this level. In order to ensure continued success, the Department is coordinating with the Reading Center, Writing Center, and the Noncredit Department to build wrap around assistance as students enter this accelerated model.

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