GO East LA (Greater Outcomes for East Los Angeles)

The College has developed a unique relationship with our local feeder schools and the local four-year institution. GO (Great Outcomes) East Los Angeles is a pledge to assist all students in East Los Angeles to complete an educational path leading to long-term career opportunities. This pledge is made with a recognition that success in college and career readiness begins from early childhood and requires collaboration and support from families, a variety of groups and organizations within the community and the business and industry community.  Through the sustained engagement of community and business support, this program will ensure that: Every child will be prepared to enter school; Every child will be supported in their academic pursuits; Every student will be successful academically and enroll in postsecondary education; Every student will complete a postsecondary certificate or degree and enter a viable career and The community will be provided with the human resources, drawn from within it that employers need to be successful.

GO East Los Angeles will work to achieve these goals through the continual development of partners across the family, community, business and educational sectors. This Commitment is made with the knowledge and forethought that each partner will need to continue to develop and grow its support for the community and its students. With a long-term vision for the future in mind, the Commitment will be guided by the following principles: Embracing change and rising to the challenge; Creating a shared vision of learning outcomes; Developing evidence-based, continual improvement decision-making; Creating venues for investment in the community.

Through this initiative the College will offer comprehensive dual enrollment programs to allow high school students to complete college credits prior to graduation, accelerate the development of basic skills, and streamline the transition to college. The initiative will: Increase college awareness, access and preparation through ongoing outreach efforts and ensuring an guaranteed pathway to college completion for all students; Expand opportunities to complete college credits while enrolled at Garfield and its feeder schools and to ensure that these opportunities accelerate college preparedness and align with career pathways developed to support the East Los Angeles community; Expand career pathways and career readiness opportunities through expanded partnerships with business partners, early exposure to career opportunities and the use of internships to expose students to potential careers; Partner with the community to develop a support network to support student success; Provide the needed student support services to enhance college completion and student success; Cal State L.A. will guarantee admission to all Garfield students meeting minimum requirements for entry into the Cal State University System; ELAC will guarantee admission to all Garfield students into a first year program that will allow full-time enrollment in courses leading to college completion and Cal State L.A. will guarantee admission to all ELAC students meeting minimum transfer requirements to Cal State L.A.

These efforts will allow for a comprehensive and seamless educational process that will assist students move through the educational system and complete college degrees. This initiative will be regularly evaluated by all involved to make needed modifications for improvement. In addition, successful elements will be scaled to additional feeder high schools to provide this opportunity to additional students served in our area.

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