Bridge the Divide: A Professional Learning Series

Develop and support faculty and staff professional development around success and engagement for a diverse student groups (e.g. Latino, low income, gender, African American/Black, etc.). The intervention will consist of workshops/training of best practices for staff in the areas of student diversity, defined by race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, or other subgroup characteristics.

2013-2014 Update: The coordination of this strategy has changed hands several times; however, this semester, we finally secured a permanent coordinator who put together the initial event. The event will be held on May 16th. So far, we have 32 people who have rsvped for this event. There are a mix of students, faculty, and staff members.

2014-2015 Update: The college has teamed up with two other colleges in the district to split the cost to fly out trainers from Baltimore Community College. Four candidates from each college will go through a "train the trainer" program this July. Then, these trainers will come back to our campuses and provide both campus and district trainings around culturally responsive practice.

2015-2016 - The college trained 4 trainers in July 2015. These trainers held four workshops per semester. Two workshops were held for the entire campus and two workshops were held for special populations. More specifically, the trainers held trainings for the Course Embedded Tutors and for the Peer to Peer Mentors. Participation was good for a pilot year. Over 150 participants were trained, including faculty, classified staff, student leaders, and tutors. Workshops were also held on Opening Days. However, the team has some work to do. We need to create a better evaluation system to track the impact of this training over time. Also, the trainers have requested additional training. In response to this, the college has funded a second round of training this summer. In this round, eight trainers will be selected from among new and returning applicants. This team will work closely with the college researchers to create a more cohesive evaluation plan.

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