Gatekeeper and Developmental Course Redesign

An inquiry group consisting of IR staff and faculty in gatekeeper courses will engage in inquiry and course redesign efforts to increase success rates in these courses that traditionally have high enrollments and high fail rates.

The faculty have been condlucting an inquiry into why these students fail. They have gathered data on who failed, and they are currently planning a focus group targetting these students. The focus group will be held this month. The group is looking at adopting a "weekly success skills" curriculum that has been used at College of the Canyons and other insitutions. They will pilot this curriculum in fall 2014.

2014-2015 Update

We have taken this intervention in a new direction. Instead of a faculty inquiry group, the college has dedicated a sizeable budget to create a course embedded tutoring program. This program will provide each gatkeeper course with a course embedded tutor. We piloted this program this spring, and we are waiting on the results this summer 2015. Next year, we are hoping to expand these services to include a textbook rental program to gatkeeper courses as well as targetted professional learning for faculty who teach these courses.

2015-2016 Update

The Course Embedded Tutoring (CET) program is now in full swing. The college just completed its pilot year. Over 180 sections of gatekeeper course received course embedded tutoring services, and the usage of the tutoring center doubled, from 16,000 hours of tutoring in fall 2014 compared to 23,000 hours of tutoring in fall 2015. At the end of this spring semester, the college will examine the impact of CET by comparing success rates for individual instructors who taught the same classes with and without CET support. In the fall, the college will select instructors to embed a CET in one section of a course and a "traditional tutor" in a second section of that same course to compare success rates.

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