Use of Multiple Measures in Holistic Advising

ZSC is implementing a placement program that relies upon placement scores, high school and college transcripts, the Noel Levitz College Student Inventory and faculty or advisor assessment in an effort to place students where they have the best effort for success. Holistic advising allows faculty and staff to individualize placement based on a myriad of data points.

There will be various pathways based on the student's academic career which could include placement into college level courses, taking the Accuplacer preparation course, or going to QuickStart to College program. Aggregation of data will enable the College to deevelop a better predictive model for student success. The implementation of Jenzabar Retention tool has also enabled a predictive model to be built for the first time full time cohort. A similar model will be built for first time part time cohort in the next couple of years.

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