President's Committee on Inclusion and Equity

 In keeping with national discussions of ethnic and racial differences in retention and completion rates of community college students, and acknowledging that achievement gaps exist at Kingsborough Community College, the President's Committee for Inclusion and Equity has conducted the first-ever KCC student needs assessment.

Preliminary results of this indicate, among other things, that although many students appreciate the diverse student body at the college and feel that there is a high level of respect and acceptance between students, a significant number of students have experienced or heard of incidences of racism, homophobia, transphobia, and/or Islamophobia on campus. In response, the Committee is planning a two year training plan beginning in fall 2015 and culminating in a full day campus-wide "training" in the spring of 2017. This will include three-hour sessions for groups of stakeholders focusing on these learning outcomes over the course of the two years:

1.            Increase the awareness of diversity and the nature of race.

2.            Exploration of unconscious bias

3.            Understanding how issues of equity are embedded within the entire system and therefore need to be at the forefront of planning and policy discussions.

4.            Assessing equity on our work

5.            Examine equity data by department

6.            Learn model for facilitating Critical Conversations

7.            Develop plan for leading discussions

8.            How to be change agents and allies

Moving forward we will continue to track our campus climate and our students' success rates. We are optimistic that we will begin to make a positive impact on the documented achievement gaps and we believe that change starts now - with awareness, acceptance, and "courageous conversations."


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