Opening Doors Learning Communities

Opening Doors Learning Communities serve incoming students with fewer than 6 earned credits. Most of these learning communities link a student success seminar with an English course (reading and writing combined, all levels offered from lowest developmental to freshman composition) and a general education requirement. Students’ learning and their transition to college are promoted through the collaboration of classroom faculty, case managers—who serve as instructors for the seminar and academic advisors—and library faculty. Multi-disciplinary, integrative, assignments bring the skills and content of all three courses together and foster integrative thinking in our students.


Recent longitudinal studies (2008-2013) based on institutional data reveal a steady increase in fall-to-spring retention for learning community participants (2013 rate is 89.4% compared to 77.9% for non-LC freshmen) and fall-to-fall retention (2013 rate is 76.8% compared to 63.3% for non-LC freshmen). Our learning community students continue to attempt and earn more credits, to be retained, and to graduate at higher rates than their non-LC peers. Bringing together the sustained successes of our learning communities and the knowledge that Black male and Latino students tend to respond especially well to combinations of High Impact Practices, we have begun offering specially planned learning communities for that population. Preliminary data suggest that these men were more successful than their peers traditionally have been and we will be scaling up this intervention over the course of the next year.

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