Answering the Call for Excellence (ACE)

West Georgia Technical College's (WGTC) institutional data consistently shows that Black males have the lowest rates of course completion, persistence, and academic credential attainment of any other subgroup of students. Based on a review of the literature and on comments from participants in student focus groups, one assumed contributing factor to the lower achievement rates is that Black males generally have a weaker support system than most other subgroups. In an effort to engage and retain this group of students, WGTC developed Answering the Call for Excellence (ACE). ACE is intended to bring primarily Black/African American male students together to enhance their social integration and academic success at WGTC, providing both internal and external resources; male students from other ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to participate as well. ACE offers the potential for academic enrichment, leadership development, and self-actualization, as well as opportunities for students to network with community leaders through planned social, recreational, and educational activities. Although ACE has been operating for several years, it has lacked a systematic method of tracking student participant progress.

In the past year, ACE has been redesigned to provide intrusive academic advising and mentoring for academic issues and career preparation. Under the new leadership, an assessment of the program was completed and areas of improvement were identified. The number of program coordinators and faculty/staff mentors has been expanded for each campus and a student ambassador delegation formed to recruit and mentor new members. Because data on participants has been difficult to maintain, two Google Docs were created and are used by each coordinator to report any contact with the ACE students.  Through these contacts, coordinators gather student information related to program level, GPA, degree of program participation, and number of counseling sessions attended. Coordinators also identify program participants in Banner to facilitate early alert efforts and monitor academic progression.

In addition to campus orientation, informational sessions, and academic support, ACE has sponsored activities promoting community volunteerism, money management, and career preparation, conducted by representatives from local industry. Community business and industry partners are currently being identified to provide scholarship and internship opportunities and communicate success strategies and professional standards. 

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