Integrated Reading and Writing Learning Support

Developmental reading and writing at West Georgia Technical College (WGTC) have been two discrete courses but have overlapping competencies. Students with low placement test scores in both reading and writing generally take two semesters or more to complete both courses, and both are prerequisites to the gateway English course. The intersecting competencies themselves serve to underscore the interdependence of reading and writing; current research shows that students make faster gains in language proficiency and critical thinking ability when reading and writing are integrated.

In a limited pilot over the past year, WGTC has combined these two separate courses into an accelerated course that integrates contextualized reading and writing skills and may be completed in one semester, preparing students to advance to the gateway English course. While course completion and retention data for the pilot is still unavailable, data from student evaluations suggests that most students feel they are benefitting from this approach. Of the respondents in the integrated reading/writing course, 100% believe the learning support course to be clearly relevant to their program or as preparation for it and would recommend the course to others.

One of the greatest challenges voiced by faculty implementing the pilot course has been difficulty attracting students; lack of awareness and promotion of the new opportunity has resulted in very low participant numbers. The College’s marketing department is developing a promotional campaign to be implanted summer semester to encourage students to “Get on the Fast Track!” to learning support and gateway course completion. Professional development opportunities will be offered for admissions and advising staff, as well as for faculty; the increased focus on this intervention is expected to increase student participation. Having more students involved and providing feedback will help faculty refine course elements before going to full scale in 2017.


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