Learning Support/Gateway Course Concurrency

In AY 2015, West Georgia Technical College (WGTC) has developed and begun a limited pilot allowing students to take learning support English and gateway English courses concurrently during the same semester. Over the past year, the College expanded the pilot to include math learning support and gateway courses and add required supplemental writing and math labs. Taking the courses concurrently enables students to complete their learning support requirement while earning college-level credit for their gateway courses, eliminating the linear course sequence and shortening completion by one semester.

While current course completion and retention data for these pilots is still unavailable, data from student evaluations suggests that most students feel they are benefitting from this model. However, while 100% of respondents in the English concurrent courses believe the learning support course to be clearly relevant to their program or as preparation for it, only 71.43% of the math students believe it to be so. Similarly, 100% of English students would recommend the concurrent approach to others while 85.71% of the math students would. Because each program implements a different instructional approach, both will be further evaluated to see if the discrepancy between English and math student perspectives is related to that factor, to disciplinary differences, or other.

One of the greatest challenges voiced by faculty implementing the pilots has been difficulty attracting students; lack of awareness and promotion of the new opportunity has resulted in very low participant numbers. The College’s marketing department is developing a promotional campaign to be implanted summer semester to encourage students to “Get on the Fast Track!” to learning support and gateway course completion. Professional development opportunities will be offered for admissions and advising staff, as well as for faculty; the increased focus on this intervention is expected to increase student participation. Having more students involved and providing feedback will help faculty refine course elements before going to full scale in 2017.

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