Campus-wide Engagement

One of SFCC’s priority is to increase campus-wide awareness and engagement around student success. Because each area of the College has its own day-to-day “whirlwind” effect to deal with, there can be a lack of focus toward a unified goal. In order to address this challenge, the College identified a WIG of achieving a 20% graduation rate by 2020 and shared it with the campus at large. As a result, the annual employee satisfaction survey score for the statement, “The mission, purpose, and values of this institution are well understood by most employees,“ increased by 9%.

SFCC also organized two campus-wide events that were centered on student success. Both events randomly assigned people from across the college to discussion tables where they addressed ways to improve outcomes for our students. The first event was designed for faculty and staff to develop proposals for the upcoming Title V application. The second event looked at best practices that were shared during the DREAM conference. Both events had a high level of satisfaction but also identified a gap between how faculty and staff view matters relating to student success. Plans are to continue the campus-wide engagement events, offering one each mid semester to allow cross-sections of campus to come together to talk about student success strategies.

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