Degree and Certificate Pathways

Our vision for student success is to create a seamless system that allows students to easily navigate through their academic career and receive customized services that will assist them in accomplishing their educational goals. This involves streamlining degree pathways and using student data to determine when specific intervention is needed.  Based on feedback from a recent student satisfaction survey we also know that we have work to do to ensure that students (particularly working students) are able to get the classes they need at times that are convenient for them.

In the fall of 2015, we started adding an advising hold for all new, first-time, full-time, degree-seeking students.  This hold prevents students from self-registering and requires them to speak to an advisor in order to register for classes.  This will help keep students focused on their degree plans and prevent them from taking unnecessary classes that may delay their graduation.

Majority of the work conducted by SFCC during the AY 2015 focused on statewide collaboration on transfer and articulation, common course numbering, review of the general education requirments, and exploration of metamajors.

Our plans for AY 2016-17 includes limiting degree programs to 60 credit hours, stacking credentials in degree programs, exploring possible meta-majors, seeking to improve pathways for students to improve on-time degree completion, and developing additional linked courses.

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