Math/English Redesign

Currently it takes 4.5 years (median) for our students to graduate with an associate’s degree.  Many of our students have commitments to work and/or family that make it difficult for them to attend school full-time.  Data show that the fewer credit hours taken each semester, the less chance students will ever reach graduation.  In order to shorten the time frame to completion, the College has focused its efforts on reviewing and restructuring its developmental math and English coursework. As a result, the math curriculum has been redesigned to streamline the pathway to college-level coursework. At the same time we are finding the English accelerated linked courses are showing great success. Students who enroll in these courses are having both higher matriculation and success rates compared to those who are enrolled in the traditional pathways.

Both the English and the math faculty have redesigned the curricula to better align instruction to meet the needs of the students and reduce the number of semesters it takes for students to complete developmental education. The math redesign eliminated several layers of redundancies and accelerated the student’s developmental sequence through the use of the Accelerate Learning Program, in which students are placed into higher-level developmental math programs with lab support. The English faculty are currently working on a similar process with the Accelerate Learning Program (ALP) model for their ENGL 109/ENGL 111 classes.

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