New Student Orientation (NSO)

In the summer of 2014, SFCC piloted a mandatory New Student Orientation for first-time students.    The mission of NSO is to provide students with a hands-on, interactive experience at SFCC that promotes student engagement and success as well as provide opportunities to learn about the multiple resources available to SFCC students. In 2013-14 more than 200 students attended NSO (prior to mandatory NSO policy).  NSO is being regularly assessed and improved in order to better meet the mission statement.  Peer Leaders continue to provide assistance to new students in FYSS courses, NSO and other advising related projects.  Compared to the baseline cohort of 2010 the 2013-14 NSO participants had 4% higher retention rate (62.2% compared to 57.8%).  2.71 GPA compared to 2.38.  Earned more credits— 13.5 credits compared to 11.7 credits.

During the AY 2015-16 changes has been made to the new student orientation (NSO) and the development of a first-year experience class to increase student success and make students aware of resources available to them.  In 2015, SFCC created a policy that made NSO mandatory for all new, first-time, full-time, degree-seeking students. 

Current SFCC students review and recommends revision to NSO every year to ensure its relevance and assistance to incoming students.  Student also participate in various student-led workshops, group advising, and financial aid education. 

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