First Year Student Success (FYSS)

First Year College Success (FYSS) was designed to assist first-time college students to develop strategies and skills to be successful in college.  This course is also designed to help increase the retention rate for first-year students. FYSS courses are now required for all new freshmen, with 36 sections offered last year (AY 13-14) to 700 students. There has been a 7.8% increase (54.1% to 61.9%) in the number of students completing 15 or more credits for the AY 2013-2014 cohort as compared to the AY 2011-2012. Cohort 3 of part-time students earned an average of 9 credits during their first year, compared to 5.2 for the 2006 baseline.   FYSS is being assessed and improved regularly.

In AY 2015-16 FYSS classes became mandatory for all incoming students in order to help them continue to build community and develop tools to succeed in college. The FYSS curriculum consists of topics such as time management, financial literacy, study skills, library skills, learning styles, career assessment, goal setting, campus resources, and group advising for the next semester.

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