Every Dev Student has a Plan: Freshman Seminar Instructor as Adviser

There were 105 students participating in the Fall 2012 Freshman Seminar Instructor as Adviser project and 238 in the non-pilot group. Retention baseline for the non pilot group was 82% and for pilot participants was 85%. However, for male students it really made a difference as 87% returned for the following semester as compared with 74% for the non pilot group.

For the Fall 2013 and Fall 2014 semesters, all Freshman Seminar instuctors participated in advisor traiining, and Mindset trainings. For the Online FS 101 courses, all instructors were required to receive training and use Blackboard9 as their Learning Management System; students in these courses increased from 68% to 78% fall 13-Fall 14 Retention. There were 750 students (74% of all freshman) enrolled in FS courses Fall 2013 and 770 (75%) for Fall 2014. The Fall 2012 to Fall 2013 average Retention Rate for all FS courses was 59.6%. The average Retention rate for Fall 2013-2014 was 69% and for fall 2014-2015 was 59%

Beginning Fall 2015, Student Success Plans were built into the common syllabi, and all students were required to complete the assignment in collaboration with their advisors.

Updated Student Success for Fall 2015:

                      Total Enrolled  Successfully Completed (A, B, C, P)
FS-101 430               337      78%
FS-103 17                   15      88%
FS-104 38                   28      74%
FS-110 294                206     70%
FS-111 24                    15      63%
   Total 803                  601     75%










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