First Year Experience Seminar (non-credit required course)

Beginning in August-2016, Broward College (BC) will be requiring all first-time-at-BC students to complete a non-credit, five-week student success course. Offered in a compressed five-week mini-session, this course will be offered in a blended format, with face-to-face 75-minute meetings once per week, supplemented by engaging learning activities contained within the College's LMS.

It is important to note that there will be no tuition/fee cost to students for this institutional requirement. Said differently, the College expects this course's ROI to warrant the budgetary investment made to cover the space utilization and staffing/compensatory costs this full-scale initiative demands. To that end, the development of a comprehensive efficacy plan began during the development of the course itself. 

Each class section's course instructor will be a trained/credentialed facilitator, chosen from an eclectic array of professional backgrounds; most commonly, experienced student success course (SLS) instructors, advisors/counselors, administrators, exempt staff, and part-time faculty.

We look forward to sharing additional information via ATD's Intervention Showcase as this initiative's implementation commences this coming Fall.


ID 16006

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