Math Redesign

Inspired by the standard for pedagogy articulated in AMATYC's Beyond Crossroads publication (most notably, its emphasis on active and interactive learning), a  small cadre of our mathematics faculty/administrators began meeting in 2008 to brainstorm ways to redesign our developmental mathematics classes in order to improve student success and, most importantly, readiness for gateway mathematics (and other quantitatively based) coursework. The initial catalyst for this pursuit was a grant application, for which the College failed to gain approval.

Undeterred, this core group was convinced --- based upon their best-practices research, attendance at conferences, and site visits to other colleges --- that the model they developed held great promise. So, a pilot was launched in August of 2009.

The core principles of Broward College's Math Redesign model are:

  • Less Watching: Brief videos are shown or mini lectures are conducted
  • More Doing: 40% of class time is comprised of hands-on/active learning
  • Collaboration: Students work with peers while receiving instructor guidance
  • Individualization: Homework component utilizes adaptive technology
  • Course Quality Control: Courses are standardized in the College's LMS



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