Blended Reading and Gateway Courses

Following the blended writing model, students have an option of co-enrolling in developmental reading (ENG 085) and a gateway course, currently PSY 140: Introduction to Psychology.  The reading instructor attends the psychology course then meets with the reading students, using the same course materials to develop reading skills.  The success rate for non-reading students in PSY 140 is 83%,  The success of reading students then taking PSY 140, averaged over two years, is 64%,  Stduents in the blended version are succeeding at abut 70%,  This Winter 2015, however, 100% passed both PSY 140 and ENG 085.   We anticipating the expansion of this method to enable students to complete a gateway content course in their pathway while improving their reading abilities.  

We continued to offer sections in Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 with similar results, with two different reading and PSY 140 instructors.  We will again offer one or two sections in Fall 2016.   Several issues need to be worked out to further scale this model including course loads for instructors, particularly part-time instructors, and credit-load for students taking multiple developmental courses.  

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