Mandatory Orientation

Mandatory Orientation was piloted and launched in 2011.  Each year, improvements are made in scheduling students and in presentations.  Orientations include meeting with advisors, being registered into courses, and campus tours. 

With Guided Pathways and a significant increase in the number of advisors (Success Navigators), students are able to discuss their goals in more detail before, during and after orientation.  Student Planning loads their pathway and helps students see their semester schedule as well as progress toward degree.  Advisors will make at least three contacts with students each semester and will monitor progress using the milestones established by faculty and data studies from Institutional Research.  

ID 16045

To contact this college about this intervention, take note of the ID above, ID #16045, and then fill out the intervention contact request form

Please note that for security purposes, contact information can only be provided to known contacts at active Achieving the Dream institutions.

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