Supplemental Instruction

This intervention is designed to support all developmental math students with the target groups as those under age 25, males, and African American under-prepared students. Students are hired as Supplemental Instruction leaders (SI), participate in class, assist instructors with group work, and hold group study sessions weekly.

We have expanded the coverage to 9 courses and more than 50 individual classes in each fall and winter semester.  About 60% of all developmental math classes have a Supplemental Instruction Leader.  SI leaders are trained and have ongoing meetings with the SI coordinator throughout the year.  Because we still have few pre-algebra students attend out-of-class SI sessions, we are building a required SI time into the schedule.

This year, the Math faculty members worked with the Dana Center to add a Quantitative Reasoning pathway, along with statistics and algebra.  In addition to this curriculum change, we are hiring an SI coordinator to oversee the mandatory SI sessions for developmental math students.  These sessions are built into the student schedules.  Mandatory SI will being Fall 2016.  

ID 16049

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