Completion of Gatekeeper Courses by Developmental Learners

This intervention is targeted at the upper developmental level for English and all levels for math. In ALP (writing) 10 developmental students co-enroll in English 101 with college-ready students. These students also enroll in a smaller linked developmental section (Academic Literacy 053) taught by the same instructor.  In our accelerated math program (AMP),  the content from a developmental course is combined with the content from a credit course.  We have also developed an integrated reading-writing course for any student placing in any level of developmental reading and writing, reducing time to completion from potentially 16 credit hours to 5 credit hours.  We have begun other pilots that combine all levels of developmental math with each other and with credit courses. Our current work involves creating templates for advisors to use when recommending accelerated options. The decision matrix is based on developmental prerequisites and the principle that all students placed in two or more developmental courses should experince at least one accelerated course their first semester to catch up. This is often but not always, their lowest placement. We have created a desktop app where advisors can enter the placement outcomes and a course recommendation pathway appears for full and part-time students.

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