Closing Achievement Gaps Through Culturally Responsive Teaching

Known for its work with Culturally Response Teaching (CRT), CCBC  delivers faculty and staff training through single day seminars and two-week intensive workshops. In addition, we  provide new faculty with training on CRT concepts. We also embed Growth Mindset information into our new student orientation and our required academic development course, reaching over 5000 students. Finally, each year we host an annual national conference on Culturally Responsive Teaching, with an attendance from across the country.

We  address equity needs of our students who are financially at-risk by delivering financial literacy curricula to all of our 4500 ACDV 101 students, and social/financial wrap-around services to students in crisis through our new College and Community Outreach service. This service provides a quick audit so students can see what public social services for which they are eligible. Students are referred to community services for assistance.

Our Male Student Success Initiative (MSSI) has a participation rate of about 180 male students, most of them African American. In this program, many students are enrolled in special sections of ACDV 101 taught by African American male instructors, which provides mentoring and individualized support, special orientations, and other kinds of additional support. The program focuses on growth mindset, social capital, and cross cultural understanding with its goal to increase the number of African American males who persist and complete college. Preliminary outcomes indicate that over 60% of students enrolled in the MSSI Program who attended classes through the spring semester have attained a 2.0 GPA or better, and will return for the Fall 2016 semester.


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