College Readiness: Developmental Math

In an attempt to increase the completion rate of students in the Developmental Math program, our efforts have focused on program redesign & acceleration opportunities.  Some efforts proved more fruitful than others:

1. Program Redesign:

a)  A Math course for Humanities students was developed.  Although initial findings proved this course to be successful in preparing students for their required CL math course, the number of students who enrolled was too small to sustain the course.  In order to effect the maximum number of students, a redesign of the existing two semester algebra exit course was required.  By changing the curriculum of the exit course, Humanities students will save one semester of the developmental sequence.  Based on the SP14-F14 semesters, it is estimated that well over 200 students/year will benefit from this change.  Data collection is in progress.

b)  A new course was created for students who scored on the higher end of the placement test cut score for level one (computational math).  This course combines content of level one with the content of level two and eliminates the need for students to take the level one course. This course was first offered in Fall 2013.  Sixty students completed the course, 44 students(73.3%) passed the course in Fall 2013 and Spring 2014.  Of these 44 students, 35 enrolled in the next Math course, with 20 (57%) passing and moving onto CL Math. 

c)  A "Brain Growth" assignment was added to the curriculum of the level 2 DM math course. 

d)  In an attempt to improve students' successes rates in Mathematics and progression toward their Associate degree, the college's academic governing body has mandated that students* must start their Developmental Math in their first semester and once started must be continue in successive semesters until completion (effective AY 2017-18).

  (*with some exceptions) 

2. Acceleration: Boot camps, Math Prep & Summer Bridge

Boot Camps: 

Three levels of boot camp are offered at the ends of the Fall and Spring semesters.  Two of the camps give students an opportunity to advance through DM program.  The third camp is a 2nd chance program for students who did not pass the Algebra exit exam. 

As of Jan. 2013:  115 students attended boot camps.  56 (49%) moved into CL Math: 14/48 Computational students, 42/67 Algebra students.

Spring 2011 – Fall 2013:

Boot camp attendance: 558 . Students were tracked into the first Mathematics course upon completion of boot camp with the following results:

Of the 208 students who enrolled in the MA-INT boot camp, 139 (66.8%) completed the math course they were placed into, with about 70 percent of them passing it. Of the 188 students who enrolled in the MA-INT2 boot camp, 92 (48.9%) of them completed the college level math course they were placed into, with over 90 percent of them passing it. Of the 162 students who enrolled in the MA-INT3 boot camp, 91 (56.2%) of them completed the college level math course they were placed into, with approximately 75% passing it.

2011-2015:  161 students enrolled in MA - INT boot camp completed the subsequent Math course, with 139 (74.3%) passing. 

Prep Course:   Students who place below the first level of developmental math have an opportunity to attend a prep course and requalify for entry into the developmental math sequence.  From F12 – SP 14, 212 students who enrolled in the Prep course continued into the developmental sequence.  207 students completed the course, 56% passed the course as opposed to a 52% success rate for the non-Prep students enrolled in this course. 

Summer Bridge: This program was initiated in Summer 2015.  Students who scored just below CL on the placement test were given an opportunity to accelerate to CL math by Fall 2015 through participation in the program.  In Summer 2015, 45 incoming freshman participated in the Bridge Program.  Nineteen (42%) were able to successfully complete the program and enroll in CL Math in the Fall 2015 semester.  The Bridge program as offered again in June 2016; however, there was minimal participation. 

Plans for the future: 

  In the continuing effort to increase success rates the Math department will introduce three new initiatives in the upcoming AY:

a) Algebra for STEM students:  divide students, based on ability into two sections: Students who score at the high or low ends will be placed in a self-paced class, students in the middle range will be placed in a lecture class.

b)  A self-paced program that includes a structured lab component will be offered to the students who have repeated a DM course multiple times. 

c)  In an attempt to increase the second chance boot camp participation, there will new automatic mechanism for students to enroll in this boot camp. 



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