STEM Pathway

Passaic County Community is currently developing a Guided Pathways for STEM students.  Key features of the intervention are:

- Pre-college intervention is conducted to local area high schools to provide college readiness workshops, STEM dual enrollment courses and exposure to the various academic and career opportunities available in a STEM Pathway.

- Developing a STEM Pathway within the college to help consolidate resources in a related academic domain.

- The design of a common first-course semester within the three major branches of the STEM pathway, Computer Science, Mathematics and Natural Sciences.The common first-course semester ensures that students are taking the required college success course and are meeting all other requirements which are expected during the onset of their respective programs.

- Declared STEM students were analyzed by math placement or credits towards their program and outreach was provided by the pathway coordinator to help better guide the students in their pathway.

- Students declaring a STEM major with less than 30 credits were introduced to an iPASS system (Student Planning Module) to act as a planning tool in helping students better plan their 4-semester sequence.

- A Student Planning Module campaign began on campus where various STEM faculty and staff visited classrooms and shared information about this new tool being introduced. 

- Students with 30+ credits were sent a letter and were followed up by the STEM coordinator to meet with their faculty advisors for program end support.

- Opportunities such as a prestigious NASA internship experience was made available to STEM students and a group of students participated in many NASA related activities alongside NASA engineers.

- STEM Supplemental Instruction which was piloted in the past few years, has demonstrated tremendous success for students participating in the program. The college now plans to adopt the program and designate specific STEM gateway courses as an SI section, where class meet times includes lecture, lab and SI session in the offerings.

ID 16355

To contact this college about this intervention, take note of the ID above, ID #16355, and then fill out the intervention contact request form

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