Developmental English

The English Department's analysis of its intervention data revealed a low rate of follow-on course-taking from dev ed to college English. The department studied the many models of accelerated learning that were occuring across nation, and chose one that fit our institution. With the re-design, students with lower placement scores take college English with extra time and instruction. Students take courses that are in their pathway; instructors teach a full-time load, and students have more time to focus on the material and benefit from a cohort, community experience. (They are co-enrolled in a college reading and writing course as well as college-level composition course during a single term for a load of two full classes.)  This intervention is available to all students. Now with placement testing replaced with Directed Self Placement, this same intervention continues, but students use our Directed Self Placement Assessment to choose between this course and standard college English. Unlike other models, all students in the class have the same placement.  This intervention is fully scaled up.  The key intervention elements include college-level readings and writing assignments, scaffolded instruction, time for extra practice, and active community building within the cohort model.  Data from five years of this intervention show retention is 94% and success in college English is 83%. This is a 41 percentage point increase in the success rate in college English for this population.  

ID 16382

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