Develop and instruct courses using cooperative learning (CL)

Cooperative Learning at OCCC is designed for students to learn interdependence through shared goals and responsibilities.  OCCC Cooperative Learning trainings have trained full-time and part-time faculty in the use of cooperative learning (CL) in their courses. The training has even spread to some staff as they are using it in their student organizations and in other avenues in which they work with students.  Training was initially provided by the Johnson Brothers in May 2009 and was implemented in Fall 2009 and Spring 2010. The five faculty were trained by the Johnson Brothers in the summer of 2010 to return to our campus and train additional faculty. The number of trained faculty will continue to increase as new faculty are interested in this concept.  New exposure to the concept has occurred due to the Title III grant course redesign that began in the Fall of 2015 and contiued during the fiscal year 2017 with large general education courses selected for redesign.  Through the process of redesigning the curriculum for their gateway courses, faculty have a renewed interest in this training.

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