First Year Seminar

SEM 140 began as a one-credit course, FYS 110 (Life Maps), which evolved into a two-credit course, FYS 131 (Navigating College and Life), and then a three-credit course, SEM 140 (Seminar in Life Pathways).  SEM 140  is required of all students new to Jackson College. While the intervention started in 2004 as a suggested course, the SEM 140 course launched in 2016 with required faculty training in On Course, a Jackson College-developed Course Pack, and a standard curriculum. SEM 140 enrolls about 1500 students a year.

Developmental students were required to enroll in the Navigating College and Life (FYS) class, but each fall up to 200 were waived based on conversations with advisors. Those who did not take FYS are the comparison group. Data showed that Fall-to-Winter persistence of FYS students exceeded the comparison group by 12% (77% compared to 65%); Fall-to-Fall persistence for FYS students was 46% versus 38% for the comparison group.  Additionally, about 68% of FYS students have a passing GPA, versus 52% for the comparison group.

Based on GPA and persistence data of new students taking or not taking FYS, Academic Council approved making this a requirement of all new students. The 3-credit SEM 140 course has an expanded career exploration component. Sections of SEM 140 are attached to each of the six Guided Pathways and support student understanding of the career options and educational requirements. We have hired a coordinator for this program who updates the course pack, selects and schedules instructors, provides training, and coordinates efforts with Student Services and with the Guided Pathways Steering Committee.


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